Speaking Topics

-If the joy of the Lord is my strength why do I feel so weak? 

-Heaven or Hell? What kind of choice is that? 

-Believing and Receiving- Living out the Word.

-What's love got to do with it? How can you love your neighbor when you don't even love yourself? 

-If salvation is a gift, why does it feel like I am working for it? Dealing with performance/perfectionist issues. 

-Husbands- How do we really love them when it's not turning out like a fairy tale? 

-Discovering who we are in Christ. The answer may surprise you. 

-Being a daughter/teaching a daughter. Mother/Daughter relationships and what we pass on to the next generation. 

-Home is where your family is- The art and survival of moving. 

-Speak out- The life you live is in your words. 

-Mighty people of God- How do we equip ourselves for the Kingdom.

-Power of Prayer- Believing for the miraculous. We are more effective as a team. 

Men and women can be competitive and yet we are more effective as a team respecting what each of us uniquely brings to the table God has prepared before our enemy. We have to get stronger and bolder in order to defeat the enemy so that the veil will be removed from the eyes of those lost and they will see Christ as their Savior. So what does it look like to be a warrior in God's Kingdom? Come along and let me share with you tools that God has shown me that will empower you to be mighty warriors for our King. The victory is ours! It is finished says the Lord!